19 setembro, 2006



Desde que eu vi o vídeo dessas minas no You Tube, essa música do Pixies não sai minha cabeça!

Pixies - Hey
Been trying to meet you
Must be a devil between us
Or whores in my head
Whores at my door
Whores in my bed
But hey
Have you
Been if you go I will surely die
We're chained

Uh said the man to the lady
Uh said the lady to the man she adored
And the whores like a choir
Go uh all night
And Mary ain't you tired of this
Uh is the sound
That the mother makes when the baby breaks
We're chained

Adoro essa música!
lea querida, eu escuto essa musica faz mais de 10 anos. Vem do CD Doolittle do Pixies. recomendo muito a voce. Tem musicas incriveis.
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